Brett Feldman

(Cultivator / Founder: Wonderbrett)

With over two decades of cannabis cultivation experience, Brett has positioned himself as one of the premiere growers in the state of California. His experience, hunt for rare and exotic genetics, and growing methodologies sets him apart from the norm. He co-founded Wonderbrett in 2014 and is the heart and soul behind the brand, currently serving as the President and master grower or “head chef”. From breeding new genetics to creating new and innovative products for consumers, he strives for a level of excellence and brings a meticulous approach to everything he touches. In the summer of ’97, Brett was gifted the original OG Kush, a legendary West Coast strain of mythic proportions, and everything changed. Before he knew it, Brett was among the elite growers in the Los Angeles scene. When smokers wanted the best weed, they simply had to ask “You got that Brett?” By ‘99, he was providing cannabis to some of the biggest artists in the music industry. Dr. Dre’s influential album, 2001, was written and recorded with Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Xzibit, B-Real and Brett’s OG Kush in the studio. In 2014, Brett decided it was time to bring his legendary strains to the masses. Brett united his reliability, credibility, and style and created Wonderbrett. The cannabis community hasn’t been the same since.

Cameron Damwijk

(Cultivator / Founder: Wonderbrett)

Co-Founder of TBGB Holdings, Cameron oversees all of Wonderbrett’s cultivation operations. Prior to co-founding Wonderbrett in 2014, he owned and operated a small electrical and contractor company. His meticulous operations and contracting experience, coupled with his passion to create state-of-the-art and, more importantly, efficient and effective facilities, has helped cement Wonderbrett’s current position in the marketplace. He has a “never stop improving” mentality and his ability to lead both strategic and day-to-day production, analyze the current situation, and find better solutions to improve our processes and facilities in a collaborative environment has created several innovations and key advantages to ensure Wonderbrett is always leading production standards and best practices in the cannabis sector.

Matt Costa

(CEO: Wonderbrett)

Matt began his career at Omnicom’s Chiat/Day working on both the media and account side for multiple accounts. He founded Beyond Marketing Group in 2003, an agency group that specializes in automotive and lifestyle marketing with clients including Google, Nike, Microsoft, and Toyota. With over 30 staff located between Orange County and Toronto, Beyond Marketing Group is one of the leading full-service niche agencies in North America. An uber entrepreneur, Matt has ownership positions and has helped launch or market several consumer brands from multiple verticals such as beverage and fashion. In 2018, he was brought on to serve as Wonderbrett’s CEO and oversees all day-to-day business related operations for the company. In just two short years, he has positioned Wonderbrett as one of the most sought after ultra-premium cannabis brands in Southern California and is currently working on the company’s Northern California operations, as well as expansion plans in other states and countries.