Where can I park when visiting Wonderbrett?

At the La Brea location, we have plenty of meters and a small lot in the back alley for customers. Please respect our neighbors and do not park in the lot next door. You can also find free parking in the residential neighborhoods before 6pm.

At the Beverly location, we have a parking lot with plenty of parking. There is also neighborhood parking before 6pm and metered parking all day.

What are the benefits of being a patient or customer at Wonderbrett?

Wonderbrett offers deals and discounts every single day! Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help guide you through the Wonderbrett experience every step of the way.

What types of payments are accepted?

For online orders, Wonderbrett highly recommends online payment for a secure, contactless, one-click payment, however, you can pay with cash or debit when you arrive. For in-store purchases, all Wonderbrett locations have an ATM on-site and accept debit cards as well. Credit card purchases will be available August 2023!

What kind of age limits are there on medical marijuana? On recreational?

Wonderbrett takes anyone with a valid government-issued ID over the age of 21! If you are 18-20 years old you must show proof of CA residency with a valid medical marijuana recommendation.

What about refunds? Return policy?

Unless you are bringing back a defective product within seven days of purchase, returns are not accepted once you have left the store.

I’m from another state or county. Can I shop at Wonderbrett?

Yes, you can shop at our Wonderbrett dispensary store. We accept any U.S. or state government-issued photo ID, as long as it is not expired. If you’re from a foreign country, you must use your passport for identification.

What do I need to bring with me to the dispensary?

The only item you will need is a government-issued photo ID that is not expired. This includes driver’s licenses and passports. You do not need a medical marijuana prescription to shop at Wonderbrett’s cannabis retail store locations.

How can I see which products are currently in stock at Wonderbrett?

You can view our current stock by visiting our menu available here online. All items are subject to availability.

Is tax included in the price?

Tax is not included in the price. In the city of Los Angeles, recreational marijuana taxes are composed of a 10% city cannabis tax, a 15% excise tax, and a 9.5% sales tax.

Can I order online?

Yes, Wonderbrett offers online ordering for in-store “express” pickup. You can browse our menu and order here.

Is there a first-time visitor discount?

Yes. We offer all new customers a 20% discount on their first purchase at our La Brea location and 30% off your first purchase at our Beverly location for a limited time!

Is there a Veteran’s discount?

Yes, we offer a 20% veteran’s discount. Make sure to bring your Veteran ID card so our friendly receptionists can verify your eligibility.

Can I exchange a defective product at Wonderbrett?

We only accept defective returns within seven days of purchase.

Can I return a product for someone else?

Unfortunately, we cannot conduct proxy returns. Whoever purchased the product will need to request the return.

What types of products are offered at Wonderbrett?

We offer a wide variety of flower, vape cartridges, cannabis concentrates, edibles, and topicals, as well as a selection of CBD items. We also carry rolling papers, pipes, clothing, and other accessories. Secure online orders are available for Express Pickup. For further assistance call .

How does Wonderbrett use my information?

Wonderbrett uses personal data to better serve our customers. This includes improving our product selection, website, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns or promotions. Personal data is also used to meet any compliance obligations.