314 N. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles | Open 9am-10pm daily, Last call 9:45pm

Open 9am-10pm daily, Last call 9:45pm

Our products

Wonderbrett represents a sense of purpose, inspiration, and innovation. We are your destination in The West Los Angeles, CA Area for a unique array of unrivaled terpene profiles, rare genetics, and meticulous cultivation practices. For the beginner or connoisseur, recreational or medicinal consumer, locals or visitors, and any adult with a sophisticated preference, we offer an exceptional experience.


With nothing more than a valid government-issued photo ID, you’re welcome to shop at our retail location or order online for express in-store pickup. Enjoy a 20% discount on your first purchase, a 20% veteran’s discount, and sign up for our rewards program. Every single day, there are fresh deals and discounts! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff looks forward to guiding you through our artisan cannabis menu.


Wonderbrett is open seven days per week from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Included in our carefully curated offerings are limited edition merch and accessories.

Always stocked with the freshest, in-demand products, Wonderbrett provides a wide array of exclusive releases:

  • Beverages – We offer a unique lineup cannabis infused beverages, whether you’re looking to refresh, invigorate or get a good night’s sleep.
  • Cartridges – Indica, sativa, and hybrid options, offering up to 84% THC, our vape cartridges offer convenience, potency, and a clean, flavorful experience.
  • Edibles  Edibles come in Peanut butter cups, chocolates, cookies, gummies and more satisfy your cravings for sativa, indica, hybrid, or pure CBD with a variety of rich flavor combinations and satisfaction in every bite.
  • Extracts – Budder, cured resin, live resin, live rosin, diamonds, powder hash, sauce and shatter galore, the diversity and exclusivity of our concentrates are not to be missed.
  • Flower – Over thirty varieties of loose flower offer exotic terpenes and showcase meticulous cultivation methods to satisfy every taste and expectation with a fresh and personalized experience.
  • Pre-rolls – Our selection of pre-rolls needs to be browsed to be appreciated, fulfilling the need for ease and convenience without sacrificing quality, variety, or creativity.
  • Tablets/pills – Discretion, simplicity, and precision dosing are available in CBD, sativa, indica, and hybrid tablets and pills.
  • Tinctures/Topicals – Our sublinguals, creams, roll-ons, and patches offer a simple yet effective delivery method with quick onset and a variety of options to target your preferred effects.